Media and Public Events

2023, May
Interview on ABC Radio National, AM with Sabra Lane discussing Antarctic sea ice loss. Listen here

Provided comments to DIE ZEIT regarding Antarctic sea ice. Read here (paywalled)

2023, April
Article for The Conversation – Antarctica’s heart of ice has skipped a beat. Time to take our medicine

Follow up interview:

  • ABC Radio Tasmania, Afternoons.

2023, March
Interviews about record low sea ice around Antarctica

  • ABC Radio National, Drive. Listen here
  • ABC Radio Sydney/Canberra, Evenings.
  • Eastside FM, Sydney, Drive.

2023, January
Interview on ABC Radio Hobart, Summer Mornings discussing the sighting of a sea turtle off Tasmania.

2022, November
Article for The Conversation – What planting tomatoes shows us about climate change

Follow up interviews:

  • Radio Adelaide, Breakfast on 23 November.
  • ABC Radio Newcastle, Drive on 23 November.

2022, February
Keynote speech at Year 11 and 12 awards ceremony, The Friends’ School, Hobart, Tasmania – How to Measure a Life

2021, March
Interviews about a surfboard that was lost in Tasmania and turned up in Queensland 16 months later.

  • ABC News article. Read here
  • ABC Radio Hobart, Mornings with Leon Compton on Monday 15 March.
  • Hit Radio Queensland, Breakfast with Cliffo & Gabi on Tuesday 16 March. Listen here
  • Guardian article. Read here
  • Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland. Read here
  • Freie Presse (Chemnitzer Zeitung). Read here

2021, January
Contribution to Climate Scientists podcast episode “Disability in the Earth System Sciences (Part 4)”, hosted by Dan Jones and Kaitlin Naughten. Listen here

2020, September
Article in the Hobart Mercury describing the Australian Antarctic Program Partnership featuring short biographies of some AAPP scientists. Read here

2020, August
Public lecture for Beer Aquatic on Thursday 27 August – An oceanographer’s guide to the Southern Ocean

Interview on ABC Radio Hobart, Your Afternoon with Paul McIntyre on Tuesday 25 August.

2020, May
Public lecture for the Royal Society of Tasmania on Sunday 17 May – Going with the wind: Our changing Southern Ocean. Watch here

Interview on ABC Radio Hobart, Breakfast with Ryk Goddard on Thursday 14 May.

2018, October
Media coverage for my publication The Ice-Ocean governor: ice-ocean stress feedback limits Beaufort Gyre spin up

2018, September
Media coverage for my publication Implications of eddy cancellation for the nutrient budget of subtropical gyres