Aronnax: an idealised isopycnal model

I spent the first part of my PhD working with a very simplified model of the ocean – the science didn’t go anywhere, but eventually the model did. After moving to MIT I was lucky enough to work with a real programmer and together we improved the model substantially. I learnt a lot working with Alexey, and am very excited about the new and improved model. It’s easier to use, comes with vastly improved documentation, and the Fortran is hidden behind a friendly Python wrapper. Our short paper describing the model has just been published in the Journal of Open Source Software.

If you’ve been looking for a fast and flexible isopycnal model, then Aronnax might be just what you’re after.

Ocean Sciences Meeting 2014

This post is mostly for people who are also at the Ocean Sciences Meeting, but if you’ve stumbled across this from somewhere else, welcome!

There were lots of details about my work that I wanted to share, but I couldn’t squeeze everything onto my poster. Even though the following details didn’t make the cut, I think that they’re really interesting and worth sharing. The rest of this post will make a lot more sense if you’ve read the poster first.

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